You, Me And Election 2017


 When it comes to Elections 2017 the majority of us are just lost. Most are alienated form politics and have little detailed knowledge of what actually takes place and is decided on our behalf.

       You can easily get the sense of it by random interviews that TV stations do with the “average voter”. Most simply do not know. Most are unaware. Ask them where Syria is on the map and you will be lucky to get 2 right answers from 10.

       The main reason for this is that all of us are so busy and wrapped up in our daily activities, with little time left to think and analyse the structure of the society we want to live in.

       We have traditionally trusted our politicians to go out there, and represent us all, collectively, and do a good job. We have been naive. That is not what they do. They rely on mass ignorance to push agendas that most average people simply do not agree with. This is the reason why election turn outs are low and not universal.

       The need for this current election must be amongst the most sinister of them all. After all, the current Conservative Government, already holds a majority. So why call for a snap election. The answer is quite simple. They will gain more seats and have an absolute mandate. More power. It will reduce the risk of being defeated on legislation they want to pass.

       This has all come to exist due to one main issue. The Labour Party itself. It is fractured and has deep divisions within itself. The center right of the Labour Party, referred to as Blairites are almost diametrically opposed to Jeremy Corbyn. So the call for an election is not just “sexy” but irresistible.

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       Theresa May stands to win by a landslide, if the polls are anything to go by. The truth of it, in one word, is that it is dishonest.

       The other questions we may ask would be: How would this election affect me & my life? It really is up to the individual to acertain if current affairs & politics affect them or not.

       So, if you live in the South East, say Dover area, and have suddenly seen a huge influx of immigrants you are not comfortable with you can do 1 of 2 things.

1.  Either blame the migrants who made it and are now living on your doorstep

2.  Or the politicians who are ultimately responsible for their presence, which is a direct result of policy.

       Meaning unwarranted military interventions, outside of the jurisdiction of International law. The case examples of these will be our continued presence in Afghanistan. Our support for Saudis to bomb Yemen. Our intermittent bombings in Syria.

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       It is  up to us to see if there is a correlation between foreign policy and the migrants “hanging around” the outskirts of Dover. The same mind set can be applied to NHS. Is there a correlation between deliberate underfunding and reduced services or is it just the way it is and has always been.

       We must note that about 13% of the NHS is in private ownership now. This sector received about a billion pounds from the government. Whilst the remaining 87%, in public ownership, also received the same amount.

       Again the choice is there to make. IS IT OK OR NOT OK?

       This is how the coming election will be voted on. Those who think it is OK to cut more and those who think it is better to invest more.

       The all time myth is that BRITAIN IS A “NATION OF SHOP KEEPERS”. Nothing can be further to the truth from this. The problem with our green and pleasant island is that it is too small. This implies that space/land becomes a highly prized commodity. Land ownership means you are made and have hit the jack pot. You will always have income from rental and the continued increase & demand for land means that the price of your asset will only go up. So those with money have invested in block ownership of land.


     Why Election 2017 Is No Friend To Small Business


 The old expression holds well here: MONEY MAKES MONEY. Note: NOT PEOPLE.

       So this generates a false sense of the market place for premises for small business owners to operate from. Any lucrative and commercial site is now owned by global companies who are normally off shore. This leaves the secondary and tertiary sites for the small businesses. Which are much harder to operate from.

       Add to this global competition for whatever product you may wish to sell and the conclusion can only be that Great Britain is no longer a good place for small businesses.  The odds are very heavily stacked against any small; business, irrespective of the product or service they supply the market.

       So the choices are there for all of us. Vote for more of the same inequities because we “don’t like the look of Corbyn” or vote & hope for a change or at the very least a slowdown of these inequities.

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