I have been deliberating writing this for a good few days now. Normally, I get busy right away and can not wait to finish the article. But on this topic, Libya, it is all a little different.

Deadly, decisive & dedicated

In my last article I mentioned that the whole North African and Middle Eastern Arab uprisings were akin to the most dramatic of operas. I was wrong and I do apologize. In most half decent operas, there is usually a glimmer of hope and happiness. Some form of happy or sad closure. Or even a partial attempt or explanation on the sanity or logic. Not so in real life. No such hope here what so ever. The best part of it is that we all seem to go along with the damn thing. Again it is too far for us to care much about. Most of us can not even pronounce Gaddafi, anyway. I do feel that soon enough the whole Libya saga will be on our doorstep.

Collateral damage

Let me be categorical and clear here. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is a self appointed autocratic ruler who has held his power base in every which way possible for over 40 long years. Should he go? Of course he should and the sooner the better. My dilemma here is who has to decide his departure. Libyans or the Europeans/NATO. We have to remember that the terrible man has been supported by our governments for the full duration of 40 plus years. Despite the intermittent spats every few years.

BBC offices in Benghazi
BBC offices in Benghazi

The other main issue here is how we somehow think that our version of democracy is the best and everyone in the world should have a taste of it. By force if necessary. It is a little bit like going to some foreign land and being force fed the gonads of a Lama. Our democracy has many imperfections. But what we have is the net result of centuries of struggle, evolution and refinement. You will be foolish to try and implement such grand ideals in territories such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, etc. It is not that they do not want or understand it. The conditions for western democracy come with an economic precondition. The one man one vote scenario is all very well if you are in London, Paris or New York. But not so relevant when you have to climb 3 mountains to get a gallon of water. Life priorities are different and urgent, as well as basic.

So let’s go through a few bits and pieces and see if it gets any of us anywhere at all. Who knows?

  • Fact:  First and foremost we all have to admit, preferably publicly, but privately if you are Liberal Democrat, that the vast majority of European and American population does not give a monkeys about a single Arab or African for that matter. The main proof for this is of course Palestine and pretty much the whole of continental Africa. It seems to me that we have suddenly formed and joined the exclusive African Sahara Arab Lovers Club.



  • Fact: Like all red blooded North African Arabs, Libyans too, felt that they needed to demonstrate against their long time ruler, Muammar Gaddafi. The demonstrations gathered momentum in the first 2 weeks of February 2011. The main opposition came from The Eastern tribal provinces, mostly settled in Benghazi. On the face of it, the Libyan situation, and correctly placed grievances of your average Libyan, did not appear much different to that of Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Jordan.


  • Fact: It goes without saying that real civilians with genuine grievances in any country do not, generally, go up and down their land on pick up trucks loaded with heavy machine guns. Apparently, this particular group of civilians had a need to be heavily armed to take on their government. The normal casualties start mounting on both sides. We have to remember the Libyan opposition started off with armed civilians. We have never been told how they got hold of their guns.
  • Fact: On 6th March 2011, eight British service men, more than likely SAS officers, were arrested in rebel held territories outside of Benghazi, accompanying a British diplomat. They had multiple identities, multiple currencies, guns etc. They were dropped in to Libya by a British helicopter. So no border control for this bunch. The British ambassador referred to this incident as a misunderstanding, whilst the Libyan Rebel spokesman said there were no misunderstandings what so ever. They should not have been in Libya. Our Great Leader, Cameron, said nothing. Hushed it all up. He put a cushion on this one too.
  • Fact: Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy – the famous right wing journalist, activist, and filmmaker (all round bullshitter) – played a high-profile role in convincing French President Nicolas Sarkozy to take the lead in recognizing the rebels in Libya and establishing the no-fly zone. Levy was in Benghazi, and was so moved by the opposition leaders he met, that he phoned the French President, and later visited him in Paris to make the case that France needed to get involved. We must save these poor poor Libyans living in Benghazi. Worth noting that Bernard-Henri Lévy, like his President is also married to a glamorous woman who fancies herself as a bit of an actress come singer, Arielle Dombasle. The president’s wife is of course, a model, singer and very recently became a good Samaritan to the gardener in the Presidential Palace. Mr. Bernard-Henri Lévy also fancies himself as a philosopher, specializing in Philosophy of hypocrisy. Mr.Bernard-Henri Lévy influence has to be acknowledged to the full, particularly since he is not part of the French Government.
  • Fact: On Thursday 17th March 2011 the United Nation Security Council passed Resolution 1973 to establish a no-fly zone forming “an important element for the protection of civilians as well as the safety of the delivery of humanitarian assistance and a decisive step for the cessation of hostilities in Libya“. Resolution 1973 also demands the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians”. A number of extensive economic sanctions were also implemented, including freezing/seizing Libyan Funds and assets in the West. All this was fronted by Sarkozy (France) and the Great Leader of United Kingdom, Cameron, backed by the Dear Leader Nick Clegg. Their sudden love and devotion toward African Arabs was truly moving and convinced the whole world media readily. Russia, China, Brazil, India and Germany abstained. Resolution 1973 is quite specific in the non deployment of troops and any instigation of regime change. The resolution also exempted supply of arms and intelligence to either side of the Libyan conflict.


  • Fact: On the 17th March 2011 The Transitional National Council of Libya was formed. This most esteemed council was duly and fully recognized by the United States and European Union as the correct and definitive voice of opposition to Muammar Gaddafi. Of course not one of us, including USA and the EU or NATO have the slightest clue as to how and when they became the representatives of who ever they are representing. It is clear that they hate Muammar Gaddafi. Since we do not like Muammar Gaddafi then it follows that they must be on our side. Are you sure?


  • Fact: A massive and most intensive bombing was being carried out Against Libya by Saturday 19th March 2011. The targets included government buildings & Muammar Gaddafi’s palace/house/tent or such. Buildings, roads, bridges, schools and so on. Lord Have mercy!!!


  • Fact: On the very same day that the whole of Libya was getting bombed, i.e. Saturday 19th March 2011, The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing their decision made at this days meeting to establish the “Rebel Libyan Oil Company” as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country, based temporarily in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim director general” of the company, Mr. Wahid Bourgaighis. A Libyan Italian chap who is more connected than Vodafone and British Telecom put together. This effectively enabled the “Rebel Libyan Oil Company” to sell $100,000,000 USD worth of pumped Libyan oil. Mr. Wahid Bourgaighis confirmed that it is in “everyone’s interest” for NATO to keep a close watch over the oil facilities and the oil revenue was urgently needed. A Bomb and Pump operation no doubt.


  • Fact: The British Parliament votes overwhelmingly in favor of this military action on Tuesday 22nd March 2011. Only 13 MPs opposed this action. This vote was taken 3 days after our troops were engaged. The normal procedure being that you go to Parliament first and then send the boys out to fight for our freedom, Queen, Country and way of life. Well, that was my understanding of it, up until now.


  • Fact: The death toll in Libya has increased many folds since NATO forces started attacks on “Libyan Targets”. The main target being Gaddafi’s compound. They have accidentally bombed their own supporters, as they could not tell on African Arab apart from another. Since the resolution was passed the media on both sides of the Atlantic have openly and unashamedly called, debated and encouraged assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, regime change as well as further military assistance to the rebels by way of hardware, namely more and bigger guns. Already getting illegal.


  • Fact: Like many others I have watched footage and read the coverage of this conflict. Each time the press is showing the rebels there seems to be no more that 30-50 people shouting, screaming, jumping, firing guns in the air in their jubilation of their new found freedoms. Somehow, the evil dictator Muammar Gaddafi seems to have a much wider and bigger audience as well as grass root support. It seems that rest of Libya is not so sure of the intentions of the rebels. Given that they are mainly an Eastern Tribal Minority. This explains why the Cornish Separatists movement in the UK will never rule this country. Not enough of them to start with. This is the golden rule of democracy. Majority rules. Some majorities we do not like. For instance, we do not like Hamas. They were elected democratically by the Palestinians in Gaza. You will recall that we did not like the IRA when they got elected to the British Parliament, McGuiness/Adams. Generally we only recognize outcomes that serve our short term interests. Our short term interests are normally dictated by the who ever our Great and Dear Leaders are at the time. Cameron and Clegg for now. It is also imperative that our Media also like the outcome too, as they tend to be closely linked to the heart of government.


  • Fact: It is astonishing and yet bewildering that a minority tribe would take on the more powerful sector of their community. Only to cry for outside help withtin the first 5 minutes of their fight. Did they not know this man, Muammar Gaddafi, has an organized army? Of course they did. It is reasonable to conclude that someone somewhere is telling the Eastern Tribes men of Benghazi to go for it, because we are right behind you. We will help you get rid of your evil dictator so you can be free like us.


  • Fact: The current situation is now at a complete stalemate with the rebels controlling little, and Gaddafi’s forces controlling most. This stalemate is directly attributed to the NATO bombings. Without NATO help the whole scenario would have been done & dusted. Benghazi would have fallen back to Muammar Gaddafi’s hands. He would have chased, punished, or killed a few of his country men, to teach a lesson to the rest of them. Casualty estimate in 100’s.The only way to move forward and have the desired regime change is to engage at ground level. Boots on the ground. This is exactly what Muammar Gaddafi wants. Hello, I think they are taking us back to Kabul or was it Baghdad? Illegal again.


  • Fact: Since the air strikes, there have been in excess of 20,000 refugees pouring out of the war zone. Mainly into Italy. Italy has maintained that they are not able to deal with such huge influxes of refugees and has sought help from the United Kingdom & France. This cry was not heeded and cushioned up again. Italy has now issued thousands of temporary resident permits to the refugees who are now able to move freely within the European Union. By this time next year, your local minicab driver will be Libyan. I implore you not to moan, complain or even utter a word. Of course they will have social welfare entitlements.


Of course there are many other facts that can be added here, these were but a few that came to my mind. But the main issue in here is a simple one. Time and again from the very beginning we ask all the wrong questions. Such as, “we have to protect our interests”. However, these interests are rarely defined or identified. Our interests should be one thing only. Do not interfere with other sovereign nations internal issues. We can not even be certain who the rebels really are. With reports of Al-Quida links amongst them and so on. We have now managed to single handedly turn a national struggle for freedom and reform in to a fully fledged civil war with ourselves bang in the middle of it. It is the Neo-Colonialist approach to puzzle solving. Our interests in the United Kingdom should be the integration and cohesion of our communities. Our interests should be annual £150,000,000,000 deficit with the sexy £950,000,000,000 national debt. The interests of Untied States should be getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq with dignity and triple quick. It is too expensive and not achieving any useful objectives. The interests of United States should be on how to restore confidence in its currency and strengthen its economy. United States currently has a national debt of $56,000,000,000,000 with a trade deficit of $350,000,000,000 with China alone. The Neo-Colonialist wars are mere smoke screens and distractions. Even getting the oil on the cheap will be short term. Our economic problems, however, are long term, and unlikely to be addressed by an oil tanker leaving port in the dark of the night in Benghazi. This is the 10% Estate Agent mentality that has plagued us for too long. The press were calculating the cost of each rocket fired by the 3rd night of Air raids in Libya. You do not go to war when you can not afford to do it effectively. Better still you do not go to war altogether if it is not your business.


The specific agenda here is simple. Split the richer nations into chaos and help yourself to their resources. This also serves to distract the home population when all the liberally minded do gooders start loving North African Arabs for Spring/Summer of 2011. The Autumn/Winter of 2011 will be full of Eastern Promise, starting in Syria and possibly Iran, the long term agenda. It is blatantly obvious that we do not love Bahrain Arabs or Saudi Arabs one bit what so ever. It is entirely incredible that over 20000 people were killed in Japan in the same time frames as the Libyan crisis with massive radiation issues for the whole globe. Yet no love for our Japanese friends either. Almost as if the Tsunami and nuclear explosions did not happen. This is an exclusive love reserved for a few hand selected special members with Syria joining the Neo-Colonial Love Club imminently.


5 out of 5

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