In its direct and brief translation Zionism stands for the defense, liberation and assimilation of all Jews from across the globe which also advocates their safe return to the land that is Israel, The Promise Land for the chosen people of god, or such. zionizm_redefined_savage_london_1

The continuous persecution of Jews led to the inevitable displacement and migration of thousands from this land of Israel to Europe, Asia and the Americas for the past 1000 years. A small population of Jews somehow managed to stay behind and formed a population mix of Palestinian Arabs, Christians and Jews, until 1948, when the United Nations decreed the creation of the State Of Israel. The Other land masses under consideration at the time, by the British Empire, were Uganda, Panama and Seychelles. The intent was to help the millions of displaced Jews, after the war, and to help prevent any future persecution of the Jewish people. A safe haven, if you will. Another European Settlers Country, with a specific religion, Judaism. An upgraded Colony, because it came as pre liberated and independent State from the very outset of its creation. The United Nations provided and agreed very specific geographic boundaries for both the incoming Jews from Europe and America and the native Palestinians. With the passage of time, the implementation and adherence to the UN agreements appeared inadequate to the new Jewish population which were themselves highly militarized post World war II, the various Zionist Groups had their own agendas within and outside the newly formed State of Israel.

On this basis they get to slap and abuse the Arab, because they can. And if he fights back give him another slap. If anyone else complains call them anti-Semitic. Take their land and repeat as before. Destroy his house and occupy his land for over 60 years and continue to use the Anti-Semitic line rhetoric to justify criminality. Create 5 million refugees and then deny that they were not even from Palestine. Make claims that the whole land mass of Israel belongs to Jews, on the biblical basis that they used to live in this area, some thousands of years ago!!!! Go and kill 8000 people in South Lebanon and call them all terrorist, indiscriminate child murder. Then go and kill another 1500 people in Gaza and call them terrorists as well. Kill their children one after another and say it was not the intent, but do it again. Call their elected leaders terrorists too. When they try to fight you back, as any normal rational human being would, call them terrorist to further justify criminality. Deliberately mislead and misinform every Jewish person by suggesting that all this is to protect them from these evil Arab/Muslim terrorists.

Build walls that only ever existed twice in recent human history, in Warsaw’s Jewish Quarters/Ghetto, Hitler’s idea, and The Berlin Wall, Stalin’s idea.

Ignore all international protests and requests to maintain peace and do what you want to infringement of your neighbor’s rights. Dismiss all United Nations resolutions as “irrelevant Israel bashing jive talk”. Continue crying that the whole world is against you. Maintain and announce yourself as a supreme race. Refuse Jews marrying none Jews, by law. Build across the whole of the illegally occupied land, captured during conflict, and insist on building more, against clear international laws. When more complaints come, just say why don’t they go and live in other neighboring Arab Nations? Bomb their schools and hospitals and say why don’t they build their infra structure and live in peace. Ensure that each and every opportunity of a negotiated settlement is blocked by refusing to speak to half of the representatives and preconditioning the rest with unacceptable demands. Create maximum levels of fear by exploiting the Jewish sentiments on historical persecution. Behave like a bully who can slap all his school mates around and not be held accountable. Be a thug. When the whole world votes on the status of the Palestinians, as they did less than 10 days ago, dismiss it and promise them further punishment for even daring to seek independence. Allow 18 families to run and control 62% of the total GDP of your Nation/People. Keep lecturing the world about democracy, when Israel is not even ready to neither absorb nor comprehend the concept, namely the acceptance and application of the rule of law for all people and not just the chosen ones. Or the acceptance of any one of the rulings of the International Courts or the Resolutions passed by the United Nations. Almost all Israeli governments are nearly always a mish mash of incredible unlikely coalitions. Build and make hundreds of illegal and undisclosed Nuclear Weapons to intimidate your immediate neighbors and yet argue and lobby for a war against a country that does not even have them. Allow every crook and criminal a safe haven to the promise land simply because he/she is Jewish. Better still, populate and occupy the area even more by offering benefits and economic incentives to all Jews to come and claim their God Given Rights in Israel. Which explains the very heavy Russian/Ukraine presence? Receive massive Aids, 2 billion a year on average, from another Nation, USA, solely for military purposes. Pay scientists to research and to provide evidence that Jews are actually an entire race, set yourself apart. Last person who engaged scientists on such a detailed and formal scale of “racial studies” was Hitler!


The list almost endless. We almost believe and accept that the Palestinian Arab is a lesser person. A worthless nothing. A born terrorist. Therefore, all this is behavior is suddenly OK. Intelligent and educated Jews are standing by and watching this happen in front of them. The same way the Germans did, some 70 years ago. Zionism? Not quite! This is Fascism, undiluted. Apartheid revisited. The activities engaged herein are no different. And who is supporting it? We are, The West, headed by the United States and then United Kingdom, for our jointly nominated colony. And if it all goes horribly wrong, then the West can walk away and dismiss it as a local issue. Who picks up the tab, The Jews? The West will be well out of the equation as it will be a war of survival between the Arabs and the Jews. Even though, Arabs/Muslims had almost nothing to do with the events of WW2 in the first place. Certainly did not happen in Palestine!

The purpose of this article is not to engage in a blame game. My suggestion, however, is that the State of Israel, in the past few decades, has ruthlessly exploited the fear of persecution of the Jews as well as the guilt of the Holocaust amongst Gentiles, to pursue and justify outright Fascism and criminality with remarkable effectiveness. And what is even more remarkable is the way the rest of the world has stood by and witnessed this genocidal criminality and chosen neither to question nor act. The fact that the world’s biggest military power, United States, is fully supportive of these actions must help, I am sure. The behavior towards Palestinians is not just untoward, unethical, unjust but pure fascism on similar scales to that experienced by Jews at the hands of the Germans, some 70 years earlier. The continuous daily abuse and dehumanization of the Palestinians at every opportunity is common practice with total control of their infra structure, water, electricity, food supply, medicine etc etc. As we know control equals power and power works in tandem with money. Blatant theft of land, supported by military force, is hardly any different to what occurred before. The irony is that there was not a single Palestinian who in the German Army. All this happened in Europe.

The extreme suffering of the Jews was done by Europeans to fellow Europeans, who were Jewish. There were no Arabs or Palestinians involved in the holocaust.

So to build on stolen land on the West Bank and then have a “Jews only Road system” to connect the illegally settled population directly to the rest of the country is nothing short of Apartheid, Facism or racism. This is a truly disgusting situation to be living under, for both sides. As it removes all that is human from both sides. And as disgusting situations go, they naturally lead to disgusting reactions. In this case organizations like Hamas to balance an evil injustice.
Please do not misunderstand these notions. The issue is not about Judaism and Jews. It is about racism and fascism. It was fascism that brought the Jews to this part of the world. The intrinsic racist and blatant Nazi approach to resolving the issues is what needs to be considered and addressed. Think and accept our way or you will expel you, detain you, punish you, imprison you or kill you. We will steal your land before your eyes, and ensure that you depend on us for water, food and medical supplies and we will ensure that you are never in a position to defend yourself. Racist in so much as if you are a Jew with roots in Palestine or an Arab Jew then you are not treated much differently to the Muslim Arabs who resist them. You may not be a nothing, but definitely a third rate citizen, as opposed to a newly arrived Jew from North London or Manhattan.
Therefore, I have put together a selection of suggested clips and films, all widely and freely available. Trust and believe me when I say that I watched many many hours, before making this particular list of clips and documentaries. All true. All real, all presented and made by intelligent, educated and articulate people. People who are compassionate constituents of conscience. People who do not need to hide behind any religion to justify their inhumanity and criminality. These clips are but an illustration of reality of life under Revised Zionism, which has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism.

a)  This is a short clip from the House of Commons, by Sir Gerald Kaufman, addressing the House. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: he is a Self Hating Jew and as such wrong and irrelevant.

b)   This documentary was made by Israel Defense Force (IDF), reservist, Ronen Berelovich. It gives an accurate historical account of Zionism and Zionist history. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: he is another Self Hating Jew and of course wrong and totally irrelevant.

c)  This is an interview with Miko Peled, about his critically acclaimed book, the General’s Son. He was born In Jerusalem in 1961.He is the son of an IDF General. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: He is yet another Self Hating Jew, what else. Further more he is not even from North London, Manhatton, Poland or Russia. He is from Jerusalem. An irrelevant Self Hating Arab Jew.

 d)   This is another documentary which was not fully concluded, about children’s lives on both sides. The producer was killed half way through the filming by the IDF in Gaza. The producer is James Miller, a well known and respected British Journalist and Film maker. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: he is a trouble maker and an “Israel Basher”.

e)   This is a clip about a book by the Ex-President of United States, Jimmy Carter. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: he is a text book, a perfectly standard example of an Anti-Semite.

 f)   This short clip is of Professor Finkelstein addressing a meeting at the University of Waterloo in which he outlines a coherent and articulate response to a “wannabe offended” young Jewish student. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: Naturally, he is nothing but a loathsome Self Hating Jew and an Arab lover!

 g)  This documentary is an in-depth debate between two highly acclaimed historians and intellectuals. Professor Norman Finkelstein and Professor Alan Dershowitz. Professor Dershowitz is a renowned and highly experienced lawyer from Manhattan who is also an ardent supporter of Israel’s Policies and indeed an adviser. Professor Dershowitz appears to have difficulties in backing up his facts in this debate. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: professor Dershowitz is good god fearing Jew and one of the chosen ones, Professor Finkelstein on the other hand remains to be a Self Hating Jew.

h)  This link is the United Nations report compiled by Justice Richard Goldstone, a worldly and totally respected judge on the International Court Panels. Justice Goldstone is self confessed and open supporter of the State of Israel. He also sat on the International Courts for Rwanda and Serbia. You can read the full details of his findings as well as the summary form this United Nations link. To the current Zionists in Israel and United States: his report is flawed and inaccurate and, therefore, dismissed as irrelevant. Please note Justice Goldstone, some months later retracted some very minor points within this report which did not in any way detract from the main points made within the UN report, namely, a case of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity by the State of Israel and their counter part Hamas.

United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict


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